Teeth Whitening

Simple. Easy. Effective.

Teeth Whitening through bleaching has been done for years and is incredibly effective yet simple! Read more below!

Straight Teeth, No Metal Required.

Invisalign is by far the easiest way to get the straight teeth you are looking for in the history of dentistry. It works by wearing a clear, removable, custom fit tray that applies light pressure to slowly shift the teeth into the desired orientation. These tin trays are hardly noticeable and widely used by kids and adults alike.

Over the course of treatment, depending on severity, multiple trays will be used. Each tray will adjust the position of the teeth to be moved only slightly. Using multiple trays over an extended period of time helps the teeth to stay strong, and helps us avoid any unwanted shirting when treatment is over. Typical treatment is between 1 year to 18 months. 

Give us a call today to find out if simple Invisalign treatment is right for you!

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